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Title insurance protects your private property rights against financial loss caused by defects in real estate titles. Let’s say your family saves enough to buy your dream home only to find out that the previous owner didn’t pay their contractor when remodeling the kitchen and now the contractor has a lien on the house, but the previous owner never disclosed this to you. If you have title insurance, you’re protected. Your title company will defend you in court if a claim arises against your property and will pay for covered losses.

Thankfully, Texas’ title system leads the nation and sets a standard and model for the nation!

One of the many perks of buying title insurance in Texas is that you have a wide variety of choices. Texas has more than 600 licensed title insurance agents located in 253 of 254 counties.

The cost of title insurance in
Texas has decreased by
almost 20% in the last 25 years.

Rates are determined based on real world expense and revenue data in a transparent public hearing where consumers have a seat at the table.

Texans benefit from one of the safest markets
in the country with the highest safety ranking
of any comparable state.

What do I need to know about Texas title insurance?

Texas' Successful System
Choice and competition with local title agencies in almost every county;

Lower prices for title insurance than 25 years ago (almost 20% less than the 1990s);

Transparent prices easily accessible by the public without the extra fees found in other states;

Safe real estate transactions with Texans enjoying one of the lowest  “claims rates” in the country;

✔  Texas’ title insurance industry, composed of mostly small businesses, provides more than 15,000 high-quality jobs throughout the state.


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